Visuals can be deceiving…. Drishyam  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Verdict: 6.8/10

Amiable person like Vijay Salgaonkar is living happily with his two daughters and a wife, running local cable TV in remote area of Goa. 4th standard pass-out Vijay is very fascinated to all kinds of Cinema which has a great influence over his conscience, he easily manages to solve many issues by just listening to his conscience but problem is not here, that’s waiting outside his fringe, when an outsider trespasses his families emotions and tries to malign their image, in an abrupt condition they commit a crime without even involving Vijay, but when he knows/understands the whole situation, he forces himself to save his family from going to Jail, and the chase begin with Rowdy Inspector General of Police Meera Deshmukh whose son is missing for 25 days.
I have seen the original one directed by Jeethu Joseph also and my conclusion about this remake is that this directorial venture is loosely threaded. 1st 30 minutes is bit boring and at times you feel fidgety from inside to swamp into the thrill but afterward kicks start coming in stint but that’s fine with me because this film is not a high profile dramatic thriller where you will get some hanky-fanky delicious brownie in it. This is a struggle of a common man with corrupt system, where he knows very well that they won’t get justice. So he starts creating the real visuals against the evidences, where his family members themselves start living and believing in that reality. Vijay's persistence determination to save his family scribbles him so much that he is unable to distinguish between wrong and right; the motto is so clear and selfishly styled.
Second half was so riveting that I couldn’t wiggle a bit and I am sure the climax leaves you in astonishment.
Original vs Bollywood Remake: I just want to dig out some points, the original one is very edgy and sharp, but in performances, Remake has a bit edge over original. Ajay Devgan’s eyes speak more than his body and this is the strength of this visual allure, Tabu was fantastic and very powerful and the truth is, her entry revives this film. One major setback for me that almost every shot, dialogues, cuts or even narrations were almost ditto. Here I expected more intelligent work from Nishikant Kamat other than this copied work but for a larger audience this is only a work, which voyage them to extremely new journey of thrill.

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