# Pink Envisage the most vital issue, also raises many questions…BUT  

Friday, September 16, 2016

VERDICT: 3 /5 Stars

Significantly confined into very small premises is the only problem about PINK. Coaching the most recent issues in an almost direct way which are precisely loud, touches the feminine clusters sharply with the tight storytelling. Pink is dark in making and possibly enhances the characteristic of prevailing views towards females in a subtle form. Here I believe that Mr. Director Anirudha Roy Chowdhury dealt a much wider problem quite narrowly, everything from the dark corner, side by side shot, mostly focuses the monotonous subject line to the similar emotional quotes.
Although these are the area in my opinion goes little far from what has been told till now. This is the story about three independent working girl Minal (Tapsee Pannu), Falak Ali (Kirti Kulhari) and Andria who are circumstantially involve into attempt to murder charge where they are supposed to be the culprit of charging the guy. All the characters smartly placed their sufferings, trauma sometimes makes you very suffocative yes this is the strength of this film this takes you in the helpless world of females where some are distinctive but their voices are limited. The grumblings are visible through out the movie which pushes us into the realm of orthodox mentality but Pink also shows that everyone is not anti-women some are supporting the new era of women liberation, do be so cautious about this liberation because maximum number of women are living in the shadow of somebody like slaves, actually their life is  more fricative than Dalits, in our eyes their interactive accessibility to the world is called freedom for them but it’s again a feudal mentality which dominates our senses in wrong direction. I think first half is very slow only just to create the thrill Mr. Director stretches more than what the story demands. When movie starts with the running titles over black screen without any music I thought some hard events are going to come but eventually it didn’t, even audience holds their breath for long to know that what had happened to the girls? 
I love this film not because it touches some real issues nor for its storyline but due to performances, especially none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, with his strong stony eyes just can’t let you figure out what is running into his mind, I like the performances of all the girls but when Tapsee gets abducted and molested that too in the running van it simply stuns you but film leaves you there after showing some after effect! In court room scenes as well argument is confined basically on the earlier issues.
There are flaws but Ritesh shah’s story has some genuine questions which shakes you yet if he could have managed to establish some more plots this would have been more promising.


#Pink fails to hold the audience… it is very slow and repetitive. But Yes this is not a full fledge Salman Type Paisa V asool film.               

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#Akira entertains wisely but not impeccable…  

Friday, September 2, 2016

VERDICT: 3 /5 Stars

When every aspects closing their doors someone has to punch feistily. This concept primarily builds the plot around Akira of Jodhpur Rajasthan. Akira is nothing but a fight against four corrupt police officer who mistakenly abducts a college girl Akira and tried to encounter her with two others but luckily she manages to run, further going through with all topsy-turvy situation it reaches the old method type climax. So it’s just a simple revenge film, as simple as that and The End.
But you can’t expect just this much from Director A.R.Murugadoss, it’s more riveting thriller where some emotional quotes and grisly truth about the police system comes out nicely. The character of Akira is strong, they build it very firmly. When she is small she witnessed throwing of an acid on a girl just in front of her eyes which prompted her to take Karate classes and eventually one day fighting against one punk, accidently she pours acid on him. It takes 3 years to prove her innocence. Afterward she lives quietly with her mother but thrill is still awaiting for her in Mumbai where four police officer did the crime and somehow their attempts goes entirely wrong. This looks a perfect conspiracy till when Akira wittingly impinges with them.
Akira is not impeccable action thriller, it lacks surprises, strong elements and more powerful punches from Akira (Sonakshi Sinha), her behavior is volatile, and repetitively putting this kind of strong character into the Asylum was disheartening. The major surprise element is #AnuragKashyap, his screen presence is literally powerful, as a cruel, cunning drug addict officer he actually catches the attention, hopefully if he played the role of (Kaizad Khambatta) Karan Johar in Bombay Velvet he would have definitely made the difference. Other surprise is Konkona sen sharma, she was awesome in her characterization, I really enjoyed her watching as a pregnant police officer, her everything was just perfect, her walk, her talk, her belly. Sonakshi Sinha as a protagonist is just ok, her performance was average, I think Director was more interested in showing conspiracy and in the end he was left with unwilling climax.
As a film Mera Naam Akira is another women centric collage but like heroic entry it lacks the powerful climax. Strongly, I wanted more punches from Akira.      

Morning show in Regent saw a very fewer response, when I entered into the theatre room It was almost empty but surprisingly after interval some more people joins me inside the toilet they were quite satisfied with the film discussing about the 1st half that it is engaging, if other half continued with the similar pace this would be an interesting film altogether. So it’s clear that people are liking it and I think Sunday will be very crucial for Akira… Best of Luck !   

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