Ill homage to a legend, Manjhi – The Mountain Man…  

Friday, August 21, 2015

           Verdict: 5/10
There are some questions still to be answered, why the Film Makers from Indian Soil don’t know how to make 'Good' historical or Biographical Movies…? This film is again a proof of that. Nevertheless even British People said that we never understand the importance of History and don't know how to write. We always believe in superfluous mythological tale which tones up our brain to satisfy superstitions and our perpetual struggle to run away from the hard facts which may unearth those cognizance which is tough to gulp…
What a Man! Till some time back I didn’t know him at all but because of  my very detailed research on Buddha and Tourism,it gave the opportunity to amplify my knowledge about him. A man belongs to an untouchable cast “Mushar” of vIllage Gehlor, Gaya (Bihar) which has tradition to eat Mouse. This Man Dashrath Manjhi, single handedly chiseled and broken down the gargantuan stony Mountain and made a path through it, he unabatedly spent 22 long years with chisel and hammer just to bow down that Stone Man who forced villagers to take 45 kms long turn to reach a tiny city to fulfill their day to day requirements. This is one of the most dramatic story of India just like super hero types!
But Ketan Mehta just diminished Manjhi's figure in every possible way. When I was watching I felt that director was in utmost hurry to finish! Poorly researched, ill-treated, lost in all authenticity.When we are talking about 1962, one should understand that era of tyrannical feudal rule and most importantly the meaning of poverty, I think Ketan Mehta was not even in mood of to discuss the poverty line, uneducated people and the area from where Dashrath Manjhi belongs, not even understanding the meaning of freedom… Here we are showing the present generation bore well, imaginative love which was hard to accept. In long period of time I was only impressed with Masaan movie's dialogue which has authentic Bihari (Magdhi) tone similarly Manjhi belongs to very remote area,doesn’t have a right tone to speak “Magdhi”, what a farce…? Really I mean, it’s a most pathetic attempt to tell the story of The Legend…  
Nawazuddin Siddiqui was unclear about the fact weather he wants to portray himself as a Hero of the film or simply passionate Dashrath Manjhi, Radhika Apte fails to deliver the act even struggled to speak language, she only succeeded as sensual feminine.In other actors, Tigmanshu is cold, Ashraf over did but Pankaj Tripathi again did  a rememberable role.  
I must say this story has all the strength to win foreign accolades even win the Oscar but sorry Mr. Mehta you failed to understand the layers of emotion and after independence,poor India. Before making this film you should have watched some Shyam Benegal films… 

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Gour Hari Das‘taan’ is an unforgettable tale of an unbelievable fighter…  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Verdict: 8/10

And finally I quench my thirst after taking a deep plunge into this fantastic, commendable and very realistic ocean of Freedom Fighter Shri Gour Hari Das, whose identity is challenged by not Only his country but by his own son as well...This man took 30 long years to prove himself as a freedom fighter because to prove truth is far bigger challenge than to vindicate a lie…

Ananth Narayan Mahadevan​ proves as a very sensible director, through this film he is not teaching the meaning of freedom but his narratives was, what not freedom is. India is a unique country, combination of strangers, fighting with insecurities and living perfectly in a falsie yoke… Really is this the freedom for which our forefathers fought…? Every living Indian is imbibed in grousing, reality is far behind than what it looks alike, nobody has guts to check his own doings. We all are suffering from behavioral disorder, the fact of the matter is that strong headed people will definitely screw by present form of so called civil world but when they realize that your threat is unstoppable, all will kneel down before you,so adjusting himself in this world,our present hero ‘Gour Hari Das’ is conquering all odds and finally unveils his identity. 

Those emotions are not sustainable which broke in the midst, the emotion which is flowing behind the retina stays for long… Gour Hari Dastaan not only pressurizes us from inside but gives an aplomb to our spirit, whatever the situations are, fight for victory.

What marvelous performances, a stoic Vinay Pathak​ just clinched the hat, he was so authentic in the role, I couldn’t move my eyelids for a second, and his static questionable eyes reaps me thoroughly… A passionate journalist Ranveer Shorey who believes in the story of Gour Hari Das, gives another best act, even little smaller in a way but my fav. Konkona Sen Sharma also performed brilliantly as a wife, perfectly fitted in both stages of youth and old. All other supporting casts like Rajit Kapoor, Rahul Vohra, Vikram Gokhale are just amazing. Immaculate Direction gives more soothing journey to the hero Gour Hari Das, a flawless screenplay multiplies the strength of this film.

My favourite scene which stays for long is when Gour Hari Dar was about to cross the road, suddenly he finds a reflection of an Indian Flag in the roadside blocked water, he steps back, gives a glance to hoisted flag and changes his path… Amazing portrayal of A Common man cum Freedom Fighter who once fought for freedom for this country but irony was he had a fight against the system.

This is not film only for Movie goliaths but for all Indians who really wants to know the meaning of Independence… 

A must watch Film, I am sure you will never be disappointed….

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Prague gives entirely different viewpoints to examine our inside…  

Prague was a parlance of thoughtful commotion which shreds you in bits of all dark apathy of human nature. It was my fault that I kept away myself from this film only because of its poster which wasn’t much exciting, that momentary conclusion drove me off very far, almost for 2 years since its release (2013), made by debutant Director Ashish R Shukla, Conceived & Produced by my friend Rohit Khaitan. But question is why I am writing about this film now? My answer is simple than it appears, it’s not about watching cinema, it’s about appreciating those works which is noteworthy.

Prague is a complex psychological journey which needs time to adjust into reminiscence. A brilliant architect suffering from delusions, bend into inferiority complex, agitated by surroundings, leaving in a state of danger where he did heinous crime unknowingly. He is convinced by a very thoughtful statement ‘that everybody needs a feeble people around them to feel stronger’, basically walking with this thought silently gallops him in a way where his premonitions starts abetting him to destroy every relations. When I began with this film, in a very first plot point revels that this Chandan is leaving with his imaginary mysterious friend Arif, who was dead, and this Arif constantly prodding Chandan about his another freewheeling buddy Gulshan. The sight is actually very natural when one friend feels jealous to see more competent one, a sense stronger with puny. Chandan got a project for Prague which is known for its architecture brilliance, in search of the idea to work for. He is also accompanied by his friend Gulshan who supports him to evolve but in a way he tempts Chandan to struggle in new relationship with beautiful Czech girl but again his vulnerability erects a barrier between love and reality.

I just loved the concept which has the strength to gives goose bumps, Very nice thrill till the end although some threads are already open for people just to drown them deep inside the awful world of Chandan. Meaningful sight of beautiful architecture where so grisly mankind exist “Ye Duniya Bari Gole Hai”. Here carbon is not diamond, this world looks like a glittering stones but it has all carbon within their hem.

But this film has some amateurish narratives which distracts me so many times during my watch. More importantly is impromptu camera work, shaky handheld, unconventional angles were overpowering the story. Actually the start was little stretched like it’s trying to forcefully imposing its idea.

Yet, I loved the Characterizations, which revolved around passionate Chandan, his carefree friend Gulshan or Weak heart fellow Arif or even lovable Elena but all went into the sewer when their needs races against strong means.

This film is surely not for the general audience but I am giving my thumps up to its maker who took this very risky subject in his very first project. Seriously time is changing fast, people are awaiting to see these kind of cinema but - it will take time for vast section of film goers to develop the taste for this contour. I must say it was a courageous attempt which deserves to be applauded…

If it’s not available in your area watch on…


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Nevertheless, Jackie Shroff’s reverberations still rebounding in my head…  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Verdict: 6/10

Unlike Karan Johar flick, Brothers don’t follow the full fledge commercial entertainment theory, director Karan Malhotra nails a midway where he wants to show it  little complicated, on the side he carries style which jumps on the commercial track. Story begins with the shivering hand, where I felt momentum of non-commercial wave but I know the mindset Karan Johar, when Brothers embark with Akshay Kumar’s side of story, it was locked with so many threads, which has to be explained and justified further,perhaps it was such a tedious job even audience felt same tiredness, although director has sensibly adjusted it with a song with ongoing story but that purely bombed just due to bad composition. Brothers drag us so crudely for almost 35mins only to explain its storyline, which is irksome.
Jackie Shroff was a street fighter,a fighting which was banned in India,his two step sons are suffering their lives due to his father’s karma when he incidentally murdered his wife, the life turns full swing where one blood is fighting against another.
Movie takes quantum lift after intermission were some good dramatic fights appear in the ring and that continuously triggers some excitement but director fails to create backstage emotions or even conflicts between two brothers. I am still puzzled about the desperation of Monty (Siddhartha Malhotra) to fight  his step Brother Akshay Kumar because there was no as such hard establishment about their animosity.
Basically Film Warrior remade into Brothers which has some good and real elements but this Brothers actually lost the basic line and goes into so much audacity from where no turning back is possible.   

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Visuals can be deceiving…. Drishyam  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Verdict: 6.8/10

Amiable person like Vijay Salgaonkar is living happily with his two daughters and a wife, running local cable TV in remote area of Goa. 4th standard pass-out Vijay is very fascinated to all kinds of Cinema which has a great influence over his conscience, he easily manages to solve many issues by just listening to his conscience but problem is not here, that’s waiting outside his fringe, when an outsider trespasses his families emotions and tries to malign their image, in an abrupt condition they commit a crime without even involving Vijay, but when he knows/understands the whole situation, he forces himself to save his family from going to Jail, and the chase begin with Rowdy Inspector General of Police Meera Deshmukh whose son is missing for 25 days.
I have seen the original one directed by Jeethu Joseph also and my conclusion about this remake is that this directorial venture is loosely threaded. 1st 30 minutes is bit boring and at times you feel fidgety from inside to swamp into the thrill but afterward kicks start coming in stint but that’s fine with me because this film is not a high profile dramatic thriller where you will get some hanky-fanky delicious brownie in it. This is a struggle of a common man with corrupt system, where he knows very well that they won’t get justice. So he starts creating the real visuals against the evidences, where his family members themselves start living and believing in that reality. Vijay's persistence determination to save his family scribbles him so much that he is unable to distinguish between wrong and right; the motto is so clear and selfishly styled.
Second half was so riveting that I couldn’t wiggle a bit and I am sure the climax leaves you in astonishment.
Original vs Bollywood Remake: I just want to dig out some points, the original one is very edgy and sharp, but in performances, Remake has a bit edge over original. Ajay Devgan’s eyes speak more than his body and this is the strength of this visual allure, Tabu was fantastic and very powerful and the truth is, her entry revives this film. One major setback for me that almost every shot, dialogues, cuts or even narrations were almost ditto. Here I expected more intelligent work from Nishikant Kamat other than this copied work but for a larger audience this is only a work, which voyage them to extremely new journey of thrill.

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