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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Verdict: 6/10

Unlike Karan Johar flick, Brothers don’t follow the full fledge commercial entertainment theory, director Karan Malhotra nails a midway where he wants to show it  little complicated, on the side he carries style which jumps on the commercial track. Story begins with the shivering hand, where I felt momentum of non-commercial wave but I know the mindset Karan Johar, when Brothers embark with Akshay Kumar’s side of story, it was locked with so many threads, which has to be explained and justified further,perhaps it was such a tedious job even audience felt same tiredness, although director has sensibly adjusted it with a song with ongoing story but that purely bombed just due to bad composition. Brothers drag us so crudely for almost 35mins only to explain its storyline, which is irksome.
Jackie Shroff was a street fighter,a fighting which was banned in India,his two step sons are suffering their lives due to his father’s karma when he incidentally murdered his wife, the life turns full swing where one blood is fighting against another.
Movie takes quantum lift after intermission were some good dramatic fights appear in the ring and that continuously triggers some excitement but director fails to create backstage emotions or even conflicts between two brothers. I am still puzzled about the desperation of Monty (Siddhartha Malhotra) to fight  his step Brother Akshay Kumar because there was no as such hard establishment about their animosity.
Basically Film Warrior remade into Brothers which has some good and real elements but this Brothers actually lost the basic line and goes into so much audacity from where no turning back is possible.   

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