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Thursday, January 26, 2017

VERDICT: 3 /5 Stars

After much hyped and long wait comes to an end “Aa Raha Hun Main” with Raees.  Although quotient was not as per expected but somehow it manages to get some mature flavor. Raees is rumored to be based on real life of Gujarat illicit liquor king “Abdul Latif’ but realistic nature and perspective is been fabricated. What I missed is real life drama which was overly glamourized the character. As soon as u start believing in story suddenly it loses the aesthetic.  
Mr. Director Rahul Dholakia basically confused between reality and glamour.  The chessboard of Raees spruce in mid 70’s opens cutely from the face of school going kid who is ambitious enough to jump into “DHANDHA” her mother’s oneliner “Koi Bhi Dhandha Chota Nahi Hota aur Dhandhe Se Bada Koi Dharm Nahi Hota”  actually influence him to go deeper and modified his life events. Raees is big hearted who easily covert people to his side, blow money on them just to sustain his credibility. His Miyabhai ki daring put all rivals behind him and he goes powerful day by day. An awkward mix of benevolent and little cruel nature stand him as Messiah.  
Stardom automatically comes with #ShahRukhKhan which is sometimes brings debacle for him, he just can’t be able to escape it. So I my view some major punch lines supported his performance but #Nawazuddinsiddiqui gleamed Raees with his sparkle and limitless expressions. He truly snatches Raees from Superstar. I always said this in my previous review that he drew more clapping than any Stars, his screen presence is so strong and distinct that you just can’t distract your eyes from him. From his entry till climax he totally dominates the screen.
As Raees revolves around its central character so there is no room for female cast so Mahira Khan just used as an object, other supporting casts are just ok. I love the background score, some of the scenes get life from it. Ram Sampath recreated “Laila Mai Laila” in totally new form but he is unable comes up with magical voice like Kanchan (Playback Singer in Qurbani) even I have more to say that almost none of the singer basically matches Shah Rukh Voice.
Entertainment part of Raees is good and al least you can enjoying watching Nawaz as Majmudar.

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