Friday, August 19, 2016

VERDICT: 2 /5stars

The fulcrum of #HappyBhagJayegi was totally choppy. It has many things which would have made this a terrific film but sadly it didn’t happen. When lots of expectation hovering inside the brain it is obvious that there is some somber feeling hiding around. I am out of Mumbai for very long and it is too difficult for me to watch cinema but my passion never let me down, it keeps my aficionado awake, that fights with some of my jaunty feeling, So here I am and that’s how I went to Happy Bhag Jayegi but Mr. Director Mudassar Aziz was basically confused about everything and he also let audience into perplexed mode, where they laugh, why they laugh and what is this journey all about? Is only Pakistan Subject matters? Not very similar to #BajrangiBhaijaan but narrative has blended with mix characteristics.
A girl from #Amritsar (Punjab) run away from her own wedding ceremony but by mistake she jumps on the wrong truck which was carrying delegation of Pakistan so very obviously Ms. Happy #DianaPenty opens her eyes literally in Lahore and BOOM! Right? But it simultaneously lost the plot very miserably. #AanandLRai was one man who produced good and sensitive film like #NilBatteySannata but this time he fails to understand the strength of script. This entire film was suffering with wrong comic timing, under constructed plots and fused emotions.
Even after having an interesting story, few funny trickles and precisely a good performance by #JimmyShergill who looks attractive as well, other than him all other artist fails to convince their characters, Diana Penty has very similar role like Anushka Sharma of Band Baja Baraat but she intermittently pulls-out freshness and the most upsetting part was to see #AbhayDeol, I just couldn’t believe how depressing he was? He looks unbearable, non-refreshing and very much frightened. And look what Piyush Mishra is doing which reminds you of #PankajKapur as Technicolor in “Ram-Jane” was worst in it.
Music was not memorable, very poor editing especially when Piyush and Abhay landed for the 1st time in India, Cinematography is ordinary.
I am not going to recommend this film to any one…


This is the time when people are engaging with many others and what they clamp something very urgent after watching almost one and a quarter hours of movie which needs to come out with abstract reactions and I feel it should be marked so here I am going to launch another section which must be more authentic than our feelings on the parameter of entertainment. But I am sorry in my theatre nobody was with me so the silence is more vociferous… 

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