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Friday, September 25, 2015

Verdict: 5 /10

Again Madhur Bhandarkar comes-up with his kind of cinema, which has women centric substance in core, fighting with odds. This old wine is in a new bottle with same emotional outburst, suffering and exploitations that must be a choice of one but underneath glittering is just opposite which shows women, whose world of tragedy is created by them only, means they only are responsible for all their distresses. Now I must say his narratives become so repetitive that one can’t sit for 2 hours watching the same visuals which Mr. Bhandarkar has already pointed out in his earlier flicks, I mean why he become so stubborn on presenting almost similar stuff to the people who eagerly awaits for his film and they come out from theatre with altogether different of kind of tragedy which they really don’t deserve to be in. But Mr. Madhur walks ahead, in the middle of this film he announces his upcoming movie called “Airhostess”.

This tale of five girls whose ambition pushed hard to design the beeline road to success unaware of the fact that this glamour takes more than what it gives. This overnight success comes with so many offers, so many flashy things and some strange friends who are basically an exploiters but this is how this industry works. Six different backgrounds are posing for same aspirations but when practical world erects in front, their path of glory starts taking shapes in altogether new dimension, some girls are walking with the events, some retreats back and waiting for the right opportunity and some falls under circumstances.

Girls did good job in the name of acting, what is remarkable of Mr. Madhur is that he gives similar weightage to all stories and successfully brings-out their performances. Even I liked some of the music number though it’s definitely not closer to Fashion or even Page3.

Calendar girls is a concoction of Love, ambition & deceive but the missing element is the emotional part which has been told so many times by the same director that it becomes more than boring and certainly not at all thoughtful in any tone. 

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