Everest was a misadventure for me…  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Verdict: 5.5 /10

This film is based on a true story of a team lead by Rob Hall who runs a company ‘Adventure Consultant’ which provides an infrastructure to climbers for reaching out the Summit successfully. In 1996 this incredible event starts to climb down the highest pick, the most dangerous place of the world. Climbers has to be tested by the almost unimaginable adversity on the planet, their mettle must be measured by the tallest ego at every step, where there is no fall back, otherwise this mammoth will heavily sit on the mankind’s heart, a laugh on our ineptitude for whole life.

All my expectation went slightly wrong with this inspiring journey by the set of climbers, who gave their life to this mountain, even running against the most difficult climate, but this breathtaking struggle ends with no emotion, every character is like parted by different chords, may this expedition was the most challengeable for them but for viewers it’s an attempt to bring down their expectation. This is more like a docudrama showcasing the obstacles from basecamp to the pick of the mountain. Because I have seen few movies based on Everest even the documentary made by BBC was remarkable but my personal expectation eke down by this, I have been following activities around Everest since long back, my fascination to go into that thin air fraught me every minute but I am holding my breath for a time being.

Acting part was just miserable, cinematography was the one which mesmerised my mind, if someone hasn’t experienced the high altitude yet may definitely not come closer to this fierce adventure which poke you, succumb you, excite you and even challenge you. Everest wants everything from us but when you give yourself for a second he takes you absolute.

But I must salute those climbers whose life were smeared over foothill of the ruthless devil.

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