Gour Hari Das‘taan’ is an unforgettable tale of an unbelievable fighter…  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Verdict: 8/10

And finally I quench my thirst after taking a deep plunge into this fantastic, commendable and very realistic ocean of Freedom Fighter Shri Gour Hari Das, whose identity is challenged by not Only his country but by his own son as well...This man took 30 long years to prove himself as a freedom fighter because to prove truth is far bigger challenge than to vindicate a lie…

Ananth Narayan Mahadevan​ proves as a very sensible director, through this film he is not teaching the meaning of freedom but his narratives was, what not freedom is. India is a unique country, combination of strangers, fighting with insecurities and living perfectly in a falsie yoke… Really is this the freedom for which our forefathers fought…? Every living Indian is imbibed in grousing, reality is far behind than what it looks alike, nobody has guts to check his own doings. We all are suffering from behavioral disorder, the fact of the matter is that strong headed people will definitely screw by present form of so called civil world but when they realize that your threat is unstoppable, all will kneel down before you,so adjusting himself in this world,our present hero ‘Gour Hari Das’ is conquering all odds and finally unveils his identity. 

Those emotions are not sustainable which broke in the midst, the emotion which is flowing behind the retina stays for long… Gour Hari Dastaan not only pressurizes us from inside but gives an aplomb to our spirit, whatever the situations are, fight for victory.

What marvelous performances, a stoic Vinay Pathak​ just clinched the hat, he was so authentic in the role, I couldn’t move my eyelids for a second, and his static questionable eyes reaps me thoroughly… A passionate journalist Ranveer Shorey who believes in the story of Gour Hari Das, gives another best act, even little smaller in a way but my fav. Konkona Sen Sharma also performed brilliantly as a wife, perfectly fitted in both stages of youth and old. All other supporting casts like Rajit Kapoor, Rahul Vohra, Vikram Gokhale are just amazing. Immaculate Direction gives more soothing journey to the hero Gour Hari Das, a flawless screenplay multiplies the strength of this film.

My favourite scene which stays for long is when Gour Hari Dar was about to cross the road, suddenly he finds a reflection of an Indian Flag in the roadside blocked water, he steps back, gives a glance to hoisted flag and changes his path… Amazing portrayal of A Common man cum Freedom Fighter who once fought for freedom for this country but irony was he had a fight against the system.

This is not film only for Movie goliaths but for all Indians who really wants to know the meaning of Independence… 

A must watch Film, I am sure you will never be disappointed….

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