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Monday, August 17, 2015

Prague was a parlance of thoughtful commotion which shreds you in bits of all dark apathy of human nature. It was my fault that I kept away myself from this film only because of its poster which wasn’t much exciting, that momentary conclusion drove me off very far, almost for 2 years since its release (2013), made by debutant Director Ashish R Shukla, Conceived & Produced by my friend Rohit Khaitan. But question is why I am writing about this film now? My answer is simple than it appears, it’s not about watching cinema, it’s about appreciating those works which is noteworthy.

Prague is a complex psychological journey which needs time to adjust into reminiscence. A brilliant architect suffering from delusions, bend into inferiority complex, agitated by surroundings, leaving in a state of danger where he did heinous crime unknowingly. He is convinced by a very thoughtful statement ‘that everybody needs a feeble people around them to feel stronger’, basically walking with this thought silently gallops him in a way where his premonitions starts abetting him to destroy every relations. When I began with this film, in a very first plot point revels that this Chandan is leaving with his imaginary mysterious friend Arif, who was dead, and this Arif constantly prodding Chandan about his another freewheeling buddy Gulshan. The sight is actually very natural when one friend feels jealous to see more competent one, a sense stronger with puny. Chandan got a project for Prague which is known for its architecture brilliance, in search of the idea to work for. He is also accompanied by his friend Gulshan who supports him to evolve but in a way he tempts Chandan to struggle in new relationship with beautiful Czech girl but again his vulnerability erects a barrier between love and reality.

I just loved the concept which has the strength to gives goose bumps, Very nice thrill till the end although some threads are already open for people just to drown them deep inside the awful world of Chandan. Meaningful sight of beautiful architecture where so grisly mankind exist “Ye Duniya Bari Gole Hai”. Here carbon is not diamond, this world looks like a glittering stones but it has all carbon within their hem.

But this film has some amateurish narratives which distracts me so many times during my watch. More importantly is impromptu camera work, shaky handheld, unconventional angles were overpowering the story. Actually the start was little stretched like it’s trying to forcefully imposing its idea.

Yet, I loved the Characterizations, which revolved around passionate Chandan, his carefree friend Gulshan or Weak heart fellow Arif or even lovable Elena but all went into the sewer when their needs races against strong means.

This film is surely not for the general audience but I am giving my thumps up to its maker who took this very risky subject in his very first project. Seriously time is changing fast, people are awaiting to see these kind of cinema but - it will take time for vast section of film goers to develop the taste for this contour. I must say it was a courageous attempt which deserves to be applauded…

If it’s not available in your area watch on…


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