Loved the temperament of Masaan but with little disappointment….  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Verdict: 6.8/10
Masaan has many things in the pocket, good Story-screenplay-lead and Direction but I am not afraid to say that it doesn’t have depth which can intrigue me to feel the momentum of all its motion. Masaan has already received many accolades at Cannes Film Festivals, similarly my coveted desire turned me to Make a hectic run to watch this film. So even after getting exhausted I was in the mood to swing this from the repertoire. The scene opens in the small theatre at Big Cinema which has the capacity  of 60-70 people but there were hardly 10 inside, so I felt little more comfort to spread my legs and also breath but this privilege has something more to come, in the midst of running Masaan (Samshaan more common name) suddenly my nostril started feeling some rancid smell, 1stly I thought that this smell comes from the sweating body of Devi (Richa Chadda) and Piyush when they were in the mode of sexual discoveries. But on my turn I saw a person who was there just to watch it for its ‘A’ certification.
And my journey started with mortuary smell ,second track opens with the bright guy who is a polytechnic student but also burns corpses at Varanasi Ghat, happened to meet a cute girl but when their love deepens, films deepens and so also my nose deepens with smell, but when I decided to shift my seat a whelming twist sedates me to be there.
My story and their story revolves around Mortuary but what is missing in both the story is more grisly truth of Masaan, which needs more knowledge and research. Here I don’t give any such kind of superficial thought, in my life span I once went to mortuary and what I saw was just a verminous experience which can’t be explainable.
So here the main protagonist is representing the Masaan which has love-apathy and grief but what Masaan doesn’t have is Past and Future, it has only present in its ashes. There is no idealistic mooring in these frames but what is eating inside me is that when every junction is so much mated like anything, except few scenes, all were flowing perfectly but still unable to swamp me into Ganga for a single dip.
So the Scene ends with the message of Time is healer… Time is Killer… Time is pillar but only one thing is eternal that is living frame of life… But I sincerely appreciate Pantoms for promoting these kinds of cinema which has no takers and I feel sorry for that.     

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