Just a tinny idea not busted as a full story - #Ki & Ka is simply misogynist from inside…  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Verdict: 2 /10 stars

This theory leaves you flummoxed because any which way the promotional activity didn’t push you to think like that. And even with first petite logic it did not push my thought that R Balki’s Ki & Ka has swiftly mussing me to think differently. Ki & Ka vociferously ensconced on the other side of establishment that why only women should only be subjugated into the kitchen, a so-called male should also lead a life as a housewife. This idea is really interesting, isn’t it?

So this is clear after looking at its promotional clip that this will be going to spice one particular gender for sure and if it is a product of R Balki then there is no chance for worries, but this case scribbles me from my earlier view of him.  This is true that Shamitabh brings another spectrum to Amitabh’s voice; even if, it fails to draw much attention.   

Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) “Ka” is a son of Delhi’s biggest builder, happens to meet Kia (Kareena Kapoor Khan) “Ki” in local flight, their friendship amplified by some nasty conversations. Kabir’s thought about importance of his mother is more than what his father’s ambitions… An IIM topper confined to become a househusband like his mother, a real artist, who devoted her complete self unconditionally for his father, without giving a second thought. So it’s very simple that Kabir wants to be like a mother, on the other hand Kia (Ki) is super ambitious female whose is totally clear about her she in her life.  And how this union ignites the world of male is the motto behind this make.

But unfortunately R Balki was unable to blow the old ashes of being a misanthrope, he precisely drawn a feministic line around the flick but as a whole he missed the plot and settled it as a male oriented swing, ultimately he portrays the male protagonist as decision maker whether he is working out side or as a househusband, they are superior in any which way… I loved the film until then where Kabir happily involved in all saga of house work but, when director shows that a person who is moving on roller skates, designed the whole interior of Kia house as his way of living, after some time you felt also that Kareena is locked under his paraphernalia, She is just an sex object who prefer to enjoy her life in the den of other… secondly, she is not even a decision maker like male, here she is even not like the normal women who though doesn’t enjoy a financial independence, yet carries voice. He is the one who is rolling the wheel.
Loosely tossed script destroyed the essence of this movie for sure, may be director wants us to think simply but as I mentioned earlier it is not as simple which conjures ones mood… His concept is to show that this is altogether a effect of chair not a gender who defines the rules. So if the chair is with female, she also behaves similar as male…. That’s it!

Two songs are listenable, Kareena Kapoor Khan is natural, but I have sincere problem with Arjun Kapoor in this role, he is not convincing at all, he looks so bulky and lousy which distracted me a lot.

I am not interested in this concept for sure, that’s why not adopting this idea seamlessly.

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