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Friday, April 15, 2016

Verdict: 2 /5 stars

It’s a long awaited for movie aficionados but certainly not opens with the boom. What a setback for SRK that people started leaving the theater before climax. May the concept was good or intriguing for many but the whole make was so funny that you can’t ignore the mistakes. After so long SRK’s this doppelganger draw some attention because of its dialogues and the look, which he mirrored, plummets only because of the makeup, which has continuously a visible continuity jerk. They are unable to maintain the similar look, after every minute one can easily identify that he is SRK.

A very mediocre film unlike the other SRK’s flicks but this has only one particular shades which is Red (revenge), otherwise all his previous movies has intermittent color splashes, I appreciate Mr. SRK for taking this subject but this only boosts him with arrogance as to showcase himself as Badshah Khan. Nevertheless, Rahul Chandna from Delhi has almost similar attire like star Aryan Khanna, living all along with him, just from childhood, having dream in mind that one day he will meet his God. He won money after performing SRK’s acts and goes WT (without ticket) just like his star, even took the same room where once his star stayed in his struggling days, but his all goody-goody contemplation got eliminated after having first glimpse of Aryan Khanna, a day even after all exertions he was unable to meet him, but he is does not ended here and not even a film, it drags more with all expected turns and twists. I am not going into details of story.

“Bina Gaane Ka Shah Rukh Khan”, really, he adopted RGV’s (Ram Gopal Verma) way to go without any songs, so now the performance has to be measured but sorry to say that I got nothing in this area also, although poorly executed scenes are just a headache. 

So the outcome is as mediocre as the film, nothing special that sparks you even a bit, sitting on a red lounge getting yawns, feeling sleepy, it’s all about feeling cozy in the AC theatre, passing more than 2hrs in this devilish summer was just an Eden for me.   

If you are real FAN of SRK then go and sleep over.            

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