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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Verdict: 1 /5start

What a brilliant kick by the producers of Baaghi?  Is this called a commercial film, which has no story, no convictions, nothing? Five pages of script twisted into more than two hours of abysmal stupidity, purely dump in many ways. I am not writing a review of this laggard flick, what I am doing is to crying my anger out through few sentences.  Actually Indians desperately needs full fledge action movie to come-out with long suppressed catharsis, it’s not just a need; it’s a kind of psychological demand of human kind. I have been watching Hollywood for so long, after making some issue based films they suddenly throw you with some good action movies to break ones fixity and that’s how they use some kind of science for their people. But In our cinema they follow the running trends, they really do not want to bother, their intuitions are more on distracted axis rather than scientific.

Baaghi born in an absolutely right time, when all are struggling with so many agendas, questioning right or wrongs, hiding our self into the crevice of rough passage. In my view we all need Amitabh Bachchan of 1975, who represented the berserk population, fought against larger than life thought. Carrying all such abstract contemplation in my mind I went to theatre just to evacuate my long oppressed emotions but its like falling from sky and hanging in the midst, All old fashioned storyline, without any proper base, swinging one corner to another, searching for plots, which is so simple, like writer gave evil a kind of power through martial art, the protagonist has to destroy his fiefdom to save his gal after becoming unbeatable.

Tiger Shroff has many things in his belly but he needs to work on acting line which is totally missing, the only credit I want to give to the maker Sabbir Khan who clearly understood this so he cut down all dialogues and gave him an ironic laugh which is similar to Hrithik and it was so unnatural that I couldn’t gulp it. Shraddha Kapoor the one artist whom I adore a lot from recent generation but sadly she has nothing to give much.

To cut short, don’t go for it, not recommended.         

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