Mere action is not effective which push you on your toes #Rocky Handsome is a disappointment…  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Verdict: 2.5 /5*

Some how the situation is different all around and this piece of action packed thriller is little outdated. After Drishyam I was expecting some unusual stuff from Mr. Nishikant Kamat but this usual storyline, loose script and even boring start made it very unreal.

John Abraham as Rocky Handsome is running pawnshop in Goa where he has made emotional attachment with a little cute girl Anna, in sudden kicked-up she got abducted by the drug mafia who is also running a racket of organ trade, propel ‘Handsome’ to save his soul partner just to fill his own loneliness, action begins in its very predictable way but one thing is slightly not that straight, there is some more story about this Rocky who was an undercover agent, trained brutally in various forms, which shows in some non-linier way but some questions were still not answered like what force him to hide in Goa if he is so competent…?

This film is a Korean remake, loosely weaving around the peddlers working in Goa, but the thing is it does not entertain me as expected from trailer. Although John Abraham silence makes me engaged more than what it promises as a full fledge action flick. He looks more Handsome than Rocky and this is where my expectation shakes.

Some of the deadly stunts are remarkable, but villain wasn’t convincing at all, A few cynical characters didn’t manage to hold, basically the force of protagonist destroyed them like torn papers. Director should have made it more complex den than this where one can expect some sudden thrill.

Go for John Abraham’s silence, which definitely rips you from inside…                        

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