Over Dramatic, Superficial, Out-tuned Poorly researched Jai GangaaJal !  

Friday, March 4, 2016

Verdict: 2.5 /5 star

Why Prakash Jha took so many years to introduce himself as full fledge Hero, What is pushing him so badly, putting through himself in a very risky game. Certainly his hunger came-out but surely timing was not perfect… I wonder why he took Priyanka Chopra for this film, when her caliber crosses oceans, this Quantico girl has nothing in the film to perform, her badges are totally wasted. She must have felt cheated like audience, basically he used Priyanka’s shoulder very smartly to sharpen his acting skills but Mr. Prakash Jha lost his way in his own story telling.

Jai Gangaajal is simpler than simple; a typical non-convincing film where goof-ups are everywhere, one just can’t shift the sight from one mistake to another, BN Singh a DSP rank corrupt police officer who sells his conscience to local politician, film starts with showcasing how land mafia acquires land from levanter farmers whose life turns to death when they lost their land and money just to liquidate.  Same corrupt police department protecting the politicians for benefits, suppressing the people, ruined the whole system but one messiah jolt the entire process and force other insights to join the hands against the corruption. And that’s the whole fractured story all about.

Prakash Jha although used the smart phones but not wanted to track the convicts, BN Singh’s own family was not with him when he was beaten-up badly, and ultimate flaws were election atmosphere but not showing a single campaign, the built-up was so bad that your head got the bonkers. Mr. Prakash Jha, is there any need to make this film to your credit with so many confusions.

Mr. Prakash Jha kills the Priyanka’s credibility in many ways, this is certainly not a women oriented film, this is the film about a journey of a corrupt police officer.

Don’t waste your time, If you want to see Mr. Prakash Jha as an actor then go and watch.     


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