Tamasha is just an unpalatable affair despite having many ingredients…  

Friday, November 27, 2015

Verdict: 2.5 /5

What to say about this blend of multi-thoughtful, nearly philosophical and something different yet mixing the whole lot of confusion across the screen, is a total humid attempt to sit and watch this putative journey of two unknown individuals, messed-up in their worlds and trying to carry this altogether different conscience in literal way. So the Tamasha attempts to pour many facets whether you like it or not, even repeats same lines profusely without giving a chance to breathe. I was mesmerized by my own self that how I gulped this for that long, reason may be that this is one of the most awaited art work of Mr. Director Imtiaz Ali or may this be a revitalizer to see Deepika and Ranvir’s on screen chemistry after long or it must be a new kinda story which has never been told earlier, but all these fairy-tales just can’t bring this movie upward where you will swing easy.

Film open it petals with a story teller, a listener, a visualizer, a drama, a long dully smelled narratives from Shimla to Croatia where two soul met independently in filmy masks of ‘Don- jise saat mulkon ki police khoj rahi hai’ and ‘Mona “Darling”- Teja’s accomplice” but soon they gets separated in bewilderment without even knowing each other identities but this is not an end dear, basically this is the beginning of the plot where Lady is all fascinated by the moment which she left behind, running into the phases of life but never tried to let go her reminiscence and one day very precisely she met same person whose characteristics influences her lot in every way, nonetheless, here entire scenario has changed, a person whom she carries all her passing memories is not the same individual but a changed normal human being who is fighting with the odds, forced to live mechanical life, continuously moving In the circle. She suddenly feels the unmatched twigs of true imaginations vs reality of life. And somehow she rejects him as a normal human who represents a Robotic culture of society, then after so many whoop sly-daisy turns it reaches its final expected destination.

Uh! What a ponderous writing? O my god! My mind is going away and honing my insight to stop this review but my whole lot of pain can be a saccharine for people who does not want their money to dip inside the empty cup.

Ranvir Kapoor is again unlucky even charisma of Deepika has not sustained but what a clear winner she is! She has evolved so much as an actor that even some biggies are daunted to work with her, after watching Tamasha, she is definitely in the list of my Fav. Actress for sure. Ranvir looks uncomfortable in many scenes, his natural performance logged-up in a tiredly an unconvincing atmosphere. His expressions shows that he is not convincing at all.

Tamasha would be a nice story but Director confused it with a person who falls In love with the particular identity and with an inside journey of a person who deliberately draped himself so forcefully from outside where originality is suffocating . But the bigger picture is the relation which screwed between the disorderliness and unnecessarily layered plots.

Unless you are not an ardent fan of Deepika & Ranvir avoid it.         

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