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Friday, June 10, 2016

Verdict: 3 /5 stars

When I saw Mr. Bachchan’s entry, I must tell you his still wary eyes, entangled wrinkles, jaw-dropping expression takes me away from theater to his own world. He was so high in his performance that stomps us into his long wait for justice. Almost eight years back his grand daughter was kidnapped and killed by a stranger, no leads were found by the police and it was shut case, but Mr. John Biswas still a seeker of truth and his firm belief pushes Father Martine played by solid Nawazuddin Siddique to look for truth, a one-time police officer who investigated the matter and to come out from the grieves of not performing, Nawazuddin’s performance as a strict denial character is rock solid and praiseworthy.

It looks like a very simple story and believe me it is, but the way it is executed is engrossing. A quiet milieu is very supportive to craft the thrill, just like Kahaani, it grabbles with local elements old fashioned houses, tortuous shabby aisles and very importantly slow moving life of Kolkata “ Yahaan Jaldi Kuch Nahi Hota”. Te3n is a remake of a Korean film ‘Montage’ but it gives almost justice to that. The first half was little slow, showing Mr. Bachchan’s daily struggle with decrepit scooter, continuously listening his granddaughter’s voice, fulfilling his daily needs, caring his crippled wife went unexpectedly slightly far which was not mending with the situations, Te3n even suffers with its lame climax. After finding the culprit, it goes unnecessarily into tying up the loose ends. A short of predictability surely weaken its intent but presentation was interesting.

The cinematography is very much close to life’s of Kolkata and even divulges the entire ambience the way it is. Vidya Balan (Sarita) is another character in the film which balances the proximity of lose but she is little heavy for the film, I am totally disappointed with her out of the sink performance. This work of art has mix flavor, at some instance it may give you a jerk or it slides away without catching the emotional transcendence.

I wish it could hold the mystery for some more time.        

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