#Raman Raghav2.0 redefines AKS….  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Verdict: 3 /5 Stars

But in a more simplified way.  Here Manoj Bajpai urf Raghavan turns to Raman and Mr. Bachachan turns to Raghav, when I saw Aks, truly I didn’t understand it then but with the passing time I fomented my desire to explore the 4th world and I bought the DVD of “Aks”, thoroughly traversed to the other perspective which changed me a lot but When it comes to Mr. Director #Anuragkashyap, he binds the lace of soul mates in just 8 chapters. In prima facie it looks like a perfect blend of psycho-thriller but if you already gone by the posters of #Ramanraghav2.0 then you realizes that the “AKS” is transferred.

#AnuragKashyap is known as a difficult filmmaker, his grainy approach towards characters, successfully following the dark shadows, his extreme obsession about fret mentality which some how automatically falls under his own shadow, where all his grimy abstract ideas exists in the form of ‘Scorsese’, if you remember Max Cady of ‘Cape fear’ or Jake of ‘Raging bull’ then only you will be able to cross the viaduct otherwise would meander into the lawful and lawlessness only to bring black & white rectangles of a chessboard where at the end Raman is brandishing his bent iron rod. Actually these darker shades were already told many times by #Anuragkashyap, so overall atmosphere, drugs; self-destructive pustule characterizations are all similar.

Here his definition is clearer to me, the one who killed naturally and the other who killed in hiding. One is free from any fear and the other is disturbed by the fear and at the end both become a necessity. In the world of #Anuragkashyap both the identities doesn't want any redemption or feeling any remorse, they are just indecent.

If I saw this film in holistic way then it started well with some catchy dialogues, exploration of a mindset with small disturbing thrills but slowly it was fading-out with some predictable moments. But the strongest things are performances that maul your imaginations very badly. Nawazuddin Siddqui was terrific, tragic and horrifying, he carries this film solely, his walk, his run, his dialogue delivery, his glaring eyes were just mesmerizing, although I have always been a great admirer of Irrfan Khan but now Nawaz stole that seed from me, Vicky Kaushal as Raghav is also brilliant in every form whether his addiction to drugs or his unknown guilt or even strange relationships, he excels. Other characters are also good. I love Ram Sampath’s music that lances my instincts.

So overall this film doesn’t have hardcore substance but it has height of performances. I am not going to write story of this film because that may haze your thrills. 

If nonsensical-sexiest films bores you then go for this hardcore greenish film. Which is not RED.

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