Dilwale is the all time low of Rohit Shetty’s series…  

Friday, December 18, 2015

Verdict: *1/2 /5

Literally it’s a most dangerous attempt to manage the same statues as a film maker, it’s not just about to serve a stale food all the time but, it’s about getting addicted to take audience for granted. This time Mr. Rohit Shetty did the same, after getting some success for his non-deserving flicks, he is adopting the most grievous method to platter again a movie in his name. People may or may not be educated enough to understand complex cinema but one thing is very clear that when story teller choose the path of good film making where entertainment is not just taken as a tool but it is a part of film narratives where joy will also be entertain but in our Industry it becomes an usual drive without having a guilt that after putting so much effort and money we are still in the search for particular formula.

What a waste of time and money for people who were waiting eagerly for Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan duo, I am taking it as a betrayal to all Fans who are imagining that something interesting must be coming but it is bothering and it is suffering.

Kaali is a gangster, helping his father to spread his business in Bulgaria but without rivalry how is it possible to,so another entertainment element is here as Kabir Bedi whose empire is on stake due to Kaali so Mr Rohit Shetty gives small twist to the narratives and rest is all predictable turns which leads us to very pathetic, non-engaging film.

All the brilliant casts are totally clueless of their performances, everybody is looking at each other for their nods but this far imaginative flick has various other elements like Sanjay Mishra, Boman Irani and Mukesh Tiwari but all looks as a joke…

I am regretting so much after watching this… it’s a fiasco… 

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