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Friday, July 22, 2016

Verdict: 3 /5 Star

This movie began with some media reports about kidnapping of home minister’s son then suddenly turns to other disaster report, flashing about some corruption new and all that. Then we see the fantastic entry of Irffan Khan in his long curly hair, heavy bearded, wearing cap sitting at the side berth in Train, that was indeed an exciting throw but just like the bouncing ball it lacks consistency. It looks slightly habitant affair for Mr. Director Nishikant Kamat to show this whole narrative with the balance between political functionaries and thrill. Nishikant Kamat just did the feeble film “Rocky Handsome” and comes up with #Madaari which has some strong abbreviations but here once again his script fails to deliver to expectations. Very similar touch of a cult movie Rang De Basanti, here we all saw the reasoning behind this corruption theory and just like ‘A Wednesday’ he puts the ‘Aam Adami’ to take  charge to fight against the system.
Nirmal Kumar is a simple networking technician, a single parent who devoted everything for his 7 year old child who was killed in an accident, this is where he decides to take revenge just to show the apathy of political class. For very long time this bingo attracts many directors and even the general public experiences it once in a lifetime at least. This may was the risk for both director and maker but I was somehow convinced with entire concept, every small person wants to see politicians being punished, their own catharsis explodes after watching this kind of cinema. The storytelling is only the way to stage yourself differently amongst others. Here we see the little different storytelling with many small punches, major twists and of course the emotional quotient. There are many things which dramatize your mind but certain portions are too slow.
I always wonder about Nishikant Kamat that how he crafts the characters behavior which is usually new to the audience, the whole characterization of Irffan Khan is very impressive, even Irffan crossed all his limits, his terrific performance has many blends whether he is crying or talking with self. His outstanding presence is enough for any film, he knows how to adopt the story in his way. Child artist Vishesh Bansal looks cute but unable to touch my heart. On the other hand Jimmy Shergill was powerful, sleek and smart. But the problem starts with the chase, on this front Director fails to grapple the anxiety, he may want to show the face of every simpleton who is all unknown to the world and it’s very intricate to find out who is whom. Logics may transform the thought but for general people thrill means when you are dragged for what extent you don’t know!
I am confidently stating this that you can splurge for it…. 

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