Pyaar Ka Panchnama 2 is riding on the same old Mare with red rein…  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Verdict: 5.5/ 10

The same repetitive contrition rolling down from eyes of a Lad like earlier flick, very talkative film with absolute no story line, just the concoction of random scenes covered by some crisp dialogues. But one thing is conditioned brilliantly in both the flick is about the betrayal, Self-esteemed, selfishness of female but what went wrong? Nothing but just an emotional flares is missing throughout the female trials, actually when same old story is over powering in the mind of a writer, he tends to believe that only dialogues with some hazy lines can intrigue the broken hearts, the one and the only thing which makes an impact is an attitude in boys which was missing in earlier part.

Three Chutiy#s… Kartik Aaryan, Sunny Singh and Omkar Kapoor senselessly falls in love with three irritating girls and their life gets changed completely after that, but the establishment of all these characters are so exaggerated that they all fails to convince the running bizarre, pointless moment through storyline. A mindless girl questioning her partner’s morality but slept with her best friend, a kingpin father of a very bold girl exploiting a TCS chap almost like a slave, A super selfish working feigned girl sodomising her boyfriend so deliberately that I was unable to understand the person who is earning more than three lakhs a month losing his all bucks in one go and still roaming around with the lady of headaches. At least in first part we have some logical and emotional outburst which shudders me every time but this monologue has carried by the same approach which already applied in part one.

A boring, droopy flick, continuously stated only one point that all guys are just a “Chu#*…” and also very poor types,they are the only helpless one who are exploited by the devils girls, ok its fine for me for some extent but the fact of the matter is that it’s a closed film where one can’t expect to have a fresh air because  the film goes into a hackneyed way. Mr. Director Luv Ranjan tries hard to support the broken hearts but I am sorry that he was almost on the lowest point of his direction, screenplay was totally disoriented and songs are not impressive at all.

All the boys were perfect in their acts, almost impressive! Especially, Kartik Aaryan performed very well in his approx. 10-12mins of outflow interpreting the female character, reminds me a veteran Nana Patekar in Krativeer.

But one thing is remarkable in this film & it’s after effects! When I was entering a theatre of Patna, there were few couples cozily walking inside but when they came-out I was amazed to see the distance between, which compelled me to laugh, the girls were so depressed after watching, they may torcher their pooch more after that :)

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